Monday, 28 January 2013

A cake inspired by your wedding dress


I was approached recently by local cake maker Miriam (Cakes by Miriam) who asked me if I would help with a new project.  She had been asked by a few brides to design cakes which were based on their wedding dress.  At first, I had a giggle to myself as I had recently saw a picture online of a bride who took this idea a little too literally…….
A bit nutty of you ask me!!  But what Miriam was looking to do was not to recreate a dress in a cake form, but to use the dress as inspiration for her cake.  So she came to visit me a few weeks later and took pictures of a few dresses and I got to see her creation during our Maggie Sottero designer where we got to display her cake alongside the actual wedding dress that she picked out to go alongside it (plus we were treated to some tasty samples!!!)  Here's what she came up with - a cake to go along with out Maggie Sottero Morgan dress - wasn't it beautiful?! 

Miriam’s website