Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Decision making - choosing 'the one' when dress shopping. Making that final decision...

If you've been reading my blog posts, you'll have noticed that one of the pieces of advice I very often give to a bride when it comes to wedding dress shopping is to stop looking once you find one you love. Often ladies will visit my shop and tell me that they have fallen in love with one, two, three or four dresses already and I sometimes put the question to them 'why then are you still looking?'  The aim is to get it to one dress to wear on your wedding day - not to keeping adding to that list and seeing how many favourite dresses you can allow yourself to fall in love with.   However, I always assume that if they walked out of that previous shop (or shops) and chose to visit my shop, then they are still looking for 'the one' as they wouldn't still be looking!!!

However, sometimes a bride can get torn between two dresses.  She can feel really undecided and I'm often putting questions and scenarios to her to try and get her to think about he she would feel if she couldn't have a certain dress.   For example, how would she feel if we pointed out that the girl sitting beside her at work, or her cousin or sister-in-law was wearing the same dress? (and it was just before her own wedding!)  Would she be gutted?  Would the thought of not being able to get that dress if it went discontinued leave her really disappointed?  It wouldn't be the first time I've asked a bride to flip a coin and if she finds herself saying 'best of three' then it's the other dress...  or sometimes she just knows when that coin is up in the air!!

I came across this quote recently too by the actor Johnny Depp and it really struck a chord with me - but if we look at it in relation to wedding dresses instead. Just substitute the word 'people' with dresses and you'll catch my drift.  If you really loved the first dress, you wouldn't have even went looking at more dresses, let alone find yourself falling for another one.  I always say it's a bit like when you find your partner - if you're out looking for more frogs to kiss, there's something badly wrong, but if he (or she!) is the one, you won't care about the thought of never being with someone else.  

And remember, the biggest choice of all is picking the right person to be with,  Nothing else matters as much - even though for many, it may feel like picking your dress is the biggest decision you've had to make!!  You followed your heart and chose your partner based on what you felt in your heart (not based on the opinions and influence of a entourage of helpers) so follow your heart and you won't go wrong with the wedding dress either :)