Saturday, 11 July 2015

2015 Summer holiday closure

Just a heads-up on our summer holiday opening hours for this year.

We will be open as usual until Saturday 19th July.

Then we will be closed for two weeks, re-opening on Tues 4th Aug.

Our messaging system will be switched off on Facebook and on the telephone for that two week period, but you can still email us on, but emails will not be viewed or replied to until I return from my family holiday.  I'm trying to do a proper work switch-off on my campervan trip this year!! 

However, one of my staff will be in a few days in between for steaming dresses, taking deliveries and for brides collecting and having try-ons etc. (ie. on the morning of Wed 22nd July, the morning of Wed 29th July, and the morning of Saturday 1st August, just in case anyone who I've told to come is panicking that no-one will be here!)

If you're looking to visit our shop in this period on these dates for any repeat try-ons or collections, please get in touch asap before we close up on Saturday the 19th!!

By the way, Lorraine next door who does most of our alterations will have different holidays from me (with a week overlapping)